Chapel of Rest

simplicita Cremations Chapel of Rest.

Our private mortuary and Chapel of Rest is situated within the grounds of Park Crematorium, Lytham.

The newly refurbished Westpark Chapel combines two non-denominational Rest Rooms, together with modern mortuary facilities.

Beautifully sited in leafy parkland, with woodpeckers, foxes, butterflies and abundant wildlife quite literally on it's doorstep, this is a most fitting last resting place prior to cremation or burial.

Dependent upon your choice of arrangement, families may attend our Chapel of Rest for either a private moment with the coffin, or for a small family gathering to say goodbye. This may be either prior to, or on the day of the cremation.

Visitation is by appointment only, 7 days a week, allowing the more convenient time over a weekend, for a family to meet. Alternatively, for a larger and more public gathering, the main crematorium chapel may be used on the day of the cremation.

Viewing of the Deceased is very much a matter of personal choice. Whilst some feel the need to assure themselves that death has indeed taken place, and to have one last visual image of their loved-one, friend or colleague, others may feel content with memories of happier times.

A coffin may be open or closed dependent upon family instructions, and choice of arrangement.

Please note that an open coffin is not allowed in the main crematorium chapel.