Total Simplicita - from £550 plus disbursements

The Total Simplicita arrangement is a Direct Cremation service.

This provides just cremation. There is no viewing, cortege, or any form of service with the coffin present.

This arrangement is most suitable for those families who prefer to hold their own form of 'goodbye', perhaps at a more appropriate time and place.

The ashes may be strewn in the crematorium grounds, or returned to the family.

Our fees include our professional services, removal of the Deceased from a hospital, hospice or mortuary within 20 miles and during normal office hours, the provision of a simple coffin suitable for cremation, appropriate shelter and care of the Deceased, preparation of necessary documentation and transfer to the crematorium.

  • Our Professional fees £550

  • Cremation fees and sundry disbursements £450.00

  • Medical Certification fees £152.00            If HM Coroner has completed a medical examination, then the £152.00 certification fees do not apply.

  • Typical cost of the Total Simplicita option is £1152.00

    Additional cost choices:

    • Removal of Deceased from residential address (incl nursing / care home) within office hours £100.00
    • Removal of Deceased from residential address (incl nursing / care home) outside office hours £150.00
    • Local return of ashes in simple transit urn £25.00
    • Local return of ashes in solid wood ashes casket with nameplate £65.00
    • Courier service for ashes - UK or worldwide - ask for details

    This is not an exhaustive list of cost choice options. Our complete price list is available on request.

    Where bariatric or obese factors are present, causing additional or unusual requirements, we respectfully reserve the right to either decline or withdraw our services at any time, and/or make additional charges where these become necessary.

    Prices are correct at 1st January 2013 - subject to change